14 black momentary push buttons 7mm


This article contains 14 black momentary push buttons, as well as the washers and nuts necessary for their fixing.
  • Max. voltage : 50 V DC or 120 V AC.
  • Maximum current : 3 A peak, 0.5 A continuous.
  • Contact : normally open (both terminals are connected only when pressed).


  • 14 black push buttons.
  • nuts and washers for easy attachment.

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  1. Solder wires to the terminals of the button
  2. Drill a 7 mm diameter hole where you want to install the button
  3. Insert the knob into the hole and screw it in place with the nut provided.


These push buttons are universal and can be used for many applications:
  • Triggering a sound with our sound module
  • Triggering of a relay
  • Triggering of a switch motor

Weight48 g