DCC brake module 3A


Stop and restart your trains in an automatic and realistic way with progressive stops and restarts of the trains.
  • ABC Technology equivalent to the BM1 module ref 22600 from Lenz
  • Maximum current of 3A.
  • DCC compatibility only (digital). The decoders must be compatible with ABC technology (see table below).
  • HO scale recommended , for the N scale, use the reference LEC001020 instead.
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Ce produit est open source

Ce produit est open source, vous pouvez donc trouver tous les fichiers nécessaires à sa fabrication sur GitHub.
Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être un as de l'électronique pour faire refabriquer ce produit, un tutoriel vidéo vous montre comment faire.


By generating an asymmetry in the DCC signal, this module allows compatible decoders to detect areas of slowdown or shutdown and react accordingly. It is thus possible to create many automatisms such as :

How does it work?

The braking module uses the ABC (Automatic Break Control) technology developed by the Lenz company. For more information, see the ABC technology wiki.


Warning : this module only works in digital and is only compatible with decoders that support ABC technology. The DCC system must also meet the NMRA standard.
Note : This module is recommended for the HO scale. For the N scale, use the LEC001020.

A non-exhaustive list of compatible decoders is given below.
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Note : Several versions exist. To help you choose, you will find a comparison table below.

Installation and wiring of the module

For a quick and easy installation:
  1. Make sure you have equipment and decoders compatible with ABC technology.
  2. Install and wire the module as shown in the diagram opposite.
  3. Activate the ABC function of your decoder (refer to the user manual of your decoder).
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When the switch is open, or there is simply no switch, a signal will be emitted on the right rail of the stop zone, and any machine with a compatible and configured decoder will perform a stop procedure.

When the switch is closed, no signal will be transmitted at the stop area, so no train will stop in the area. If a train was stopped in the stop area, it will restart gradually.

Note : the switch can be replaced by a relay, limit switch, or any other system with at least 1A breaking capacity.

Decoder configuration

Note : The decoder configuration procedure is explained in detail in the manual.
To detect the ABC signal emitted by this module, the decoders must be configured accordingly. The table opposite shows the CVs used to enable or modify the decoder’s behaviour towards the ABC signal.

In any case, you will have to activate the ABC function of the decoder so that your trains can react to the signal emitted by this module.

Note : if the maneuver mode or the reduced run mode is activated, the decoder will ignore the ABC signals.
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